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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Oh Doctor Who, what did I do before you?

So the hubby and I  have this friend who we will call Bill, because his name is Bill. The hubby and I have tons in common with Bill. We all love the same types of games, we watch a lot of the same movies, and watch the same shows. Over the years we have shared some suggestions for Bill's T.V. entertainment. Some he loved, some not so much. Bill has done the same for us with the same results.

For quite some time Bill has been telling the hubby and I to watch Doctor Who. He said that we would love it. I had tried a couple of episodes that had Christopher Eccleston in them. They were campy, but good. The hubby caught me watching without him and asked me to wait so we could watch together. So I waited, and waited, and waited. All the while I kept seeing references on Pinterest that were piquing my interest. I finally told the hubby if he wasn't going to make time to watch with me, then I would watch alone.

We sat down and started watching. As I stated previously the some of the episodes in the first season were campy, but still wonderful. I loved Christopher Eccleston as the ninth Doctor. I was shocked when his run was over after only one season and was sad to see him go. In stepped David Tennant. Oh how he changed my life. I resisted is quirky, charming ways as long as I could. Before too long I was hooked. David made me laugh, he made me angry at times, and he made me cry.

(If you have never seen Doctor Who, look away now)

I knew enough about Doctor Who to know that the Doctors change every few years. I had become so attached to David's incarnation of the Doctor, that even though I knew his run was coming to an end, I was not emotionally prepared for it.

I cried, a lot. I cried like I did when I was a kid, almost unable to breathe. Even now as I write this my eyes are filling up with what Bill would call "Awesome Sauce".

{Img Src:}

I told my buddy Bill that I blamed him for my emotional distress. How had I not seen this show sooner? And if you haven't seen Doctor Who, you should ask yourself the same question.

While there will be many emotional ups and downs, the show is well written and has great production value, and makes you think.

Even better? Doctor Who is on Netflix and Amazon Prime. There is no reason not to watch it. So go now and watch, then come back and blame me for your emotional distress.

As a side note, now that I am an official Whovian, I have taken on my first Doctor Who crafty project. Blogger Karen Kavett shared on her blog files and directions on how to make Doctor Who Guess Who. Yup you read that right. You can find the directions and files here.

Here is a pic of her finished product:

{Img Src: Karen Kavett}

I managed to score two copies of guess who at a recent rummage sale so I could make my own (well one for me and one for my baby sister).

My copies are a couple of years newer than hers, but not by much. I won't get to make Sonic Screw Driver Pegs, but I have a couple of ideas on how to work a Sonic Screw Driver into the game board.

I started by painting the boards with the same type of paint Karen did, but I didn't like the look. I will ultimately have to track down some TARDIS blue spray paint and go from there. I will share pictures once I am done.

Until next time, remember, Don't Blink!