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Monday, June 3, 2013

To throw a NERDTASTIC Birthday or not?

The hubby's birthday is coming around and I am tossing around the idea of throwing a birthday party for him. I mean look at this face. How could you NOT want to throw a party for this guy? I suppose then the question isn't if I want to throw it, but if I can work it all out.

The main idea is a NERDTASTIC birthday. For those that may not know us, the hubby and I are both HUGE nerds. We got married in Las Vegas at the Star Trek Experience (when it was there) on board the bridge of the Enterprise.
 See I told you so.
  through and through. 

The hubby and I are fans of so many movies, shows, and games that are considered nerdy I thought why not embrace it. I currently have more than a few ideas thanks to Pinterest. I even have a board dedicated to Nerdtastic Birthday Ideas (check it out). I just need to see if I can make all the different elements work together without going broke. 

I will say that thanks to Pinterest I have found quite a few DIY party projects. Obviously themed food and possibly even themed tables would be involved. My hope is that we can get party goers to share their inner nerd by either dressing up or even just wearing a T-Shirt of their favorite show, character, or superhero. 

Gaming should also be a part of this spectacular nerd birthday. Food, friends, drinks, and games like Bang, or Guillotine, how can you go wrong? 

Wish me luck!