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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Winter's Tale

First off let me start by saying how very disappointed I am in myself for my lack of movie, craft, or game updates. My immune system decided that November was a good time to get sick and stay sick through the holiday season. That though is no excuse. So I am going to start small. A new post once a month (crossing my fingers) and the hopefully more often. Ok on to why you stopped by...

While I may not be one of those girls who needs the chocolate and the flowers, Valentine's Day brings out the lovey dovey in me. A movie and dinner with my hubby are all I need to make my day. This Valentine's Day was no different. The plan was to go see Winter's Tale and pick up vittles on the way home. The day did not go as planned and my movie was switched to The Monuments Men. The Monuments Men was an outstanding movie. I laughed, I cried, and I learned a little piece of history, but a love story it was not. Against his will, I dragged my husband back out to the theaters this week to watch my original movie choice. I am so happy that I did! Based on the book by Mark Helprin, Winter's Tale was everything I wanted in a love story. 

Collin Farrel plays a thief with a heart of gold who's biggest score is the heart of Jessica Brown Findlay (of Downtown Abbey). There was magic, angels, demons, chaos, and destiny. I don't want to go into too much detail because it would spoil the movie. All I can say, is that even though it did not do wonderfully in the theater, Winter's Tale is worth the watch. I enjoyed it so much, that the book has just made my must read list.

Now I know this post was short but hopefully there will be more to come!