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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Crazy Week

This week I didn't have time to take any pictures of the card process as it was an absolutely insane week. Between the hubby's birthday, my nephew's birthday, and my anniversary I was surprised I had time to craft.

How do you all handle a crazy week? I am honestly curious? How do you busy people find the time to craft or blog, or just relax?

I planned out as much as I could, but obviously somethings are just out of my control. I had been smart enough to get a head start on many of the hubby's birthday crafts, but not all of them. My week began with scurrying to finish up the remaining projects for the hubby's birthday. Next we had the hubby's party with my side of the family. Normally we would have just had one big party, but my super busy brother and sister in law wanted to do a joint party for my nephew and my hubby. My adorable nephew idolizes his uncle so a joint party was born.

See there is the nephew, didn't I tell you he is adorable. As you might be able to tell he is a San Francisco Giants fan, he loves Lego, Star Wars, his Uncle Don, and cake. 

See that corner of missing frosting? Told ya the kid loves cake! Any-who.... My card for the week is my nephew's birthday card. I apologize for the lack of pictures and quality of pictures, but as I said it was a crazy week. 

I used My Favorite Thing's Space Explorer stamp set along with my Kuretake Gansai Tambi and some Gouache paints to make this galaxy scene. 

Now go forth, craft, and have fun. 


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