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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mirror Mirror Review

Mirror Mirror Review

Every Saturday night the hubby, a good friend of our Bill,  and I attend services at Twin Lakes Church, followed by dinner and a movie. Last night the hubby and I found ourselves in a peculiar situation, our friend Bill had other plans. We decided to make a date night out of it and headed out of town. We drove to Salinas to have dinner at Outback. After being stuffed to the gills we went to check out Mirror Mirror. I have wanted to see Mirror Mirror since I saw the previews several months ago. Another reason I wanted to see Mirror Mirror is because I am a fan of Pit Boss and both Ron and Sebastian were in the movie.

Mirror Mirror was a charming, cute, and funny movie. Although I have not like much of Julia Roberts work lately, this movie brought out the fan in me. Julia was hilarious, snarky, and drunk on power! Lily Collins did a great job at playing Snow White. I may make a few enemies for my next remark, but even though I have not seen Snow White and the Huntsman yet, I can safely say that Lily Collins makes a better Snow than Kristen Stewart!

The movie is okay for families, there are a few adult jokes, but the easily fly over little one's radar. All in all I am glad I saw this movie. I am a little sad it didn't do better in theaters, but then it went up against several great movies. Hopefully this flick will find its following on DVD!

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