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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Four letter word ... DIET

Everyone has New Year's resolutions. The problem with many of these resolutions is they quickly fall by the wayside. Instead of making resolutions, I planned.

The hubby and I are what comedian Gabriel Iglesias calls "Fluffy". While it is great as a comedy skit in everyday life it SUCKS!

{Hubby and I, cute but definitely Fluffy!}

Part of my 2013 plan is to be healthier, which means making healthier food choices and exercising  more and when I say more I mean exercising period!

Step One: We gave up soda regular and diet. This was actually pretty hard for me because even though I was drinking diet soda, I was definitely addicted to the stuff. The hubby and I figured out that we love the carbonation in soda, so we switched to bubbly water instead. We are currently toying with the idea of getting a soda stream to save on all the bottled bubbly water, but I am curious if it is cost effective if you are not actually making soda with it.

Step Two: The diet. I really hate that word, DIET. The minute I think I am on a diet, I start craving everything I shouldn't since my assumption is that I am going to be deprived. My answer to that, Weight Watchers. I love the whole points system because not only is it teaching us portion control, but I can still have what I want. If I am absolutely dying for a slice of pizza, I can do it, I just need to make sure I stay within points by making better choices the rest of the day. The flexibility in the points system makes me feel like I am not missing a thing!

The only time I have really struggled with the points system is when it comes to sweets. I LOVE sweets. Sweets are not always points friendly or very filling. I did a lot of research as to alternatives, but many of the low fat or low sugar candies use strange chemicals or large amounts of sodium, which defeats the purpose of becoming healthy. I was starting to think I was doomed. Then I stumbled across this nifty device that turns frozen bananas into a soft serve ice cream like texture.

I was a little skeptical at first, but was willing to try just about anything. I bought the Yonanas machine (yup unfortunate name but great machine) and took it for a spin. I unpacked the machine, washed it and set it up. I  used two frozen bananas and then sat down to watch a movie while I ate my "ice cream". It was AMAZING! My bananas definitely had a soft serve consistency, was healthy, and appeased the sweet tooth gods. Let me tell you that Yonanas is super easy to put together, easier to use, and kid friendly (for those of you with little ones).

Since opening my Yonanas machine, I have tried it a few times and even added mix-ins. I wanted to try bananas and peanut butter, but peanut butter has a lot of fat, so I tried bananas and PB2. It was DELICIOUS. Seriously if you have not tried PB2, you should.

Look I get that real peanut butter has healthy fats, but it is a lot. PB2 is a great alternative for me and lets me save some points! 

{Image Source: Bell Plantation}

Yea, so these are a couple of my saving graces when it comes to the Weight Watchers plan. 

Step Three: Exercise (Coming Soon)
I realize that we need to exercise, but I thought that making changes in increments would make it easier to make these changes stick. Truth is I REALLY want these changes to be permanent, which makes this journey a marathon and not a race. I will be back with more updates on our journey, along with updates on movies, games, crafts, or anything that catches my fancy. 

Until next time,


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