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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Messing with Nate

I love all kinds of stuff. More stuff than you probably have time to read about. Today I am going to talk about my love of watching WWE Wrestling.

There are a group of us who watch wrestling or keep up with it quite frequently. We love it so much we joined a Fantasy Wrestling League (similar to a Fantasy Football League), through Drop the Belt. We also thought it would be a great idea if we each had an action figure (NEVER call it a doll around boys) of our favorite wrestler on our team. (Hey I am a self proclaimed nerd). Anyway, we each got a figure of our favorite, everyone EXCEPT for Nate. Poor Nate could not find the figure of Dolph Ziggler (Yup, that's the guy's name). You know who did find that figure? I did!

I decided I should have a little fun at Nate's and Dolph's expense.. So here is the adventure Dolph went on:

Dolph's day started in the car, he enjoyed the view from Highway 1!

Next Dolph, made a quick stop by Twin Lakes Church to drop off gifts for charity. 
See this is him right outside! 
Charity work and driving sure made Dolph hungry.
He made a stop by his and Nate's favorite burger joint in Los Gatos, CA.
Always the gentleman, Dolph offers to pay for lunch.
(Thanks Dolph!)
Dolph's got quite an appetite. A cheese hound, fries, and a burger?
Good thing he works out a lot!
No job is too big for Dolph, even this burger.
The master of all fries.

Dolph was so great. He even shared with Don (Left) and Bill (Right). But Nate was missed!

It was so much fun sending Nate periodic texts. And he was such a good sport about it, but who knows where Dolph will take us next...


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