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Friday, May 25, 2012

Movie Reviews and Pre-Orders

I feel terrible. I have left my 3 followers without updates for 15 days. You know if I wanna do this blog thing right i need to be on here much more often. Since my last post. Today I hope to share my thoughts on some movies, and soon I will be talk about a book trilogy that has been trending like crazy.

Let's start with some movies:

Dark Shadows - Let me start by saying that I always love any collaboration between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. You put both of these highly creative people together and you are guaranteed greatness.  Dark Shadows was a little more difficult for me to get through than most of their other works. I blame this on the fact that I had never seen an episode of the series.I am almost positive that some of the jokes that went over my head were because they were in reference to the original series. I highly suggest watching an episode or two if you want to grasp these jokes, otherwise there was plenty of other comedy to enjoy.  One of my favorite moments is when Depp, who plays Barnabas has risen from his long slumber underneath a glowing golden arches sign, which he says as the sign of the devil Mephistopheles.

Items of interest:

The Dictator - Sasha Baron Cohen never ceases to amaze me with how far he is willing to go for his craft. Cohen made me laugh quite a bit throughout the movie. The only true problem with the movie, is after you have seen Borat or Bruno you have seen it all. Many of the jokes were expected. I will say my favorite part of the movie was the soundtrack. The Wadiyan remakes of some American favorites made the movie worth seeing. If you get a chance listen to some of the songs, you'll be glad you did!

Items of interest:

The Hunger Games - Pre-Orders for The Hunger Games on DVD or Blu Ray have been announced. I cannot wait. I watched The Hunger Games in theaters several times and am anxious to watch it AGAIN in the comfort of my own home. Last Christmas my hubby was sweet enough to get me the Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook, so I am dying to do a theme night!

Items of interest:


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